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APC - M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier



The M577 APC is a low cost, lightweight air transportable multi-role vehicle now in NAU/UK service. It is a 4X4 APC that is usually deployed by the UD4L dropship. This vehicle has seen white spread since its introduced in 2170 AD and is used by the NAU army Colonial Marines and by the United Kingdom. Currently there are 3 variants in use although only the A version here is detailed. The M577 has a stowable main weapons turret to make it easier for the APC to be transported by dropships and cargo shuttles. Its large 4 wheels are also runflats, which enable the entire to be resistant to punctures.

A Tactical Operations Center is found at the rear of the vehicle enabling the unit commander to maintain contact with the marines send information back to the mothership. The M577 typically carries up to 3-day supply of ammunition and supplies for the vehicle and its infantry complement.

Technical Specifications:

Crew: 2 plus 12
Engine: Arco Continental R-370 Gas Turbine with an output of 286 Kw.

Height (turret stowed): 2.17 m
Height (turret raised): 2.81 m
Length (turret stowed): 9.22 m
Length (turret raised): 8.58 m
Width: 3.38 m
Wheel Diameter: 158.75 cm
Clearance (at rest): 21.59 cm

Armor: 2 mm alloy outer skin; 4 mm Boron Carbide plates coated with 2 mm ablative resin; plates backed by a 3 mm woven Venlar liner. Foam packed floor cavity for protection against forged fragment mines.

Combat Weight: 14,500 kg
Road Speed: 150 km/h
Acceleration: 42 km/h in 6 seconds
Vertical Obstacle: 0.5 m
Gradient: 60%





UD4L Utility Dropship



The UD4L Utility Dropship is the standard dropship type in use by NAU forces. It was derived from an original Department of Defense requirement formulated at the end of the Tienstin conflict. This versatile dropship is used as a tactical transport and as a gunship by using its own internal 25mm gun, deploying weapon pods and hardpoints for a variety of rockets and missiles.
The principle airframe is constructed from superplastic-formed diffusion-bonded metal matrix composites (MMC) and its 103.6 cubic meter internal payload bay can easily fit a M577 A.P.C. (turret stowed).

Its primary role is to operate from unprepared landing sites in support of ground forces and to transport the M577 into combat but it can also be used to carry up to 48 troops or cargo.
The engines can produce exceptionally high thrust for low specific fuel consumption. The UD4L Dropship is also called a "Cheyenne." It has AN/ALQ-2004E defensive systems to keep it well protected. It has two types of power plants to allow vertical take-off capability (VTOL) hover to the hypersonic trans-atmospheric.
The UD4L uses its turbines for normal flight, but uses scramjet for space travel and to escape a planet's atmosphere.

There are many variants the UD4 in service, some are specialized for the following missions: Troop Transport, Search and Rescue, Cargo Transport, Ambulance, Gunship, and Reconnaissance.

Technical Specifications:

Crew: Pilot and Chief/Weapons Officer
Engines: 2 Republic Dynamics TF-900 turbines each rated at 310 kN dry thrust and 2 TF-220/A-14 combined cycle engines.

Height: 6.05 m
Length: 25.18 m
Span: 12.59 m

Loaded: 18,260 kg
Maximum Loaded: 34,630 kg

Performance: Power to weight ratio (loaded) 1:3.3; (maximum loaded) 1:1.7. Range is variable dependant on mission profile, load and ambient atmospheric conditions, but the UD4L is capable of dropping a load from low orbit, landing vertically, and lifting to orbit again from a vertical launch.

1 x 25 mm gatling gun with 900 rounds
32 x 150 mm unguided rockets
12 x 70 mm unguided rockets
8 x 120 mm guided rockets
7 x AGM-220 air-to-ground missiles
3 x TSAM threat suppression missiles
3 x AIM-90 short range air-to-air missiles





U.S.S. Sulaco



The U.S.S. Sulaco is the thirteenth Conestoga Class starship that was originally a troop and logistic transport with limited defense capability. It has a heavy armored hull and has run several roles from bombardment to space command and control. The ship is fully automated and could keep running without a crew. The ship contains lockers for the passengers to store their belongings in and racks for their equipment.

There is a large Docking Bay which is where the UD4L Dropships are prepared and deployed, and a Mess Hall where passengers can eat food prepared by the ship's Autochef. The Cryogenics Compartment contains thousands of capsules which sustain passengers on long missions. Each ship carries twenty E.E.V.'s (Emergency Escape Vehicles) and a minimum of two UD4L Dropships.

Technical Specifications:

Crew: 90 to 2000

Engine: Westingland A-59 Fusion Reactor

Length: 385 m
Weight: 78,000 m tons

Fuel Consumption: 900 m tons/year