Armory - Equipment  


ASB-2 Binocular



The Zeiss ASB-2 Binocular used mainly by the USCMC Recon Teams. The ASB-2 operates in extreme areas, where many night-vision devices already give up, e.g. from -70 to +120 degrees Celsius. ASB means that the binocular works in nearly all spectrums of light and was especially designed for Xenomorph recognition and obseration.

  • Binocularly: Super view for both eyes
  • Lenses with 100% flash and laser absorption
  • Weight: only 600 gram by up-to-date technology
  • Field of view: 210 degrees without distortion
  • Zoom: 2x to 80x magnification




M10 Ballistic Helmet



The M10 Ballistic Helmet incorporates a tactical camera, audio microphone, IFF transmitter, and a PRC 489/4 receiver/ transmitter.

Passive IR system flips down over right eye and when used in conjunction with the tactical camera acts as a Heads-Up-Display. -can be fitted with an lowerable faceplate for riot control. Optional clear or polarized.





M3 Personal Armor



The M3 Personal Armor is based on the "French Armed Forces Cuirasse de Combat".

The M3 comes in several pieces; rigid vest protects abdomen to neck front to back. It has bio-monitors throughout to monitor wearer's vital signs-optical cable connect the bio-monitors to the PRC 489/4 transmitter in the M10 helmet.

Mounting bracket for a high-power halogen lamp on the rear of the left shoulder that is rechargeable and can be dismounted to be used as a flashlight. Three mounting brackets on back of armor to support an IMP (Individual Marine Pack), carries 24kg.

Leg armor greaves protect the legs from ankle to knee. Lower abdomen armor protects in the front from abdomen to groin.

Armor also cuts down on wearer's infrared and radar signature.





Motion Tracker



The Motion Tracker uses a Doppler shift discrimination to filter out moving targets from a stationary background. -can detect small animal size targets out to 100 m in open country, built up area (walls) reduce range down to 20m. -is an active sensor, emits ultrasounds that can be detected and can be jammed by ultra-sound jammers.

  • Weight 4kg 
  • Dimension 34cm x 11cm x 16cm 
  • Duration 36 hours of continuous use 

Routine: detect small dog size target at 1000m in open terrain. 

Moderate: detect small dog size target at 1000m rougher terrain/moderately forested. 

Challenging: detect a man-sized target crawling slowly at 500m.

Difficult: moving man sized target in built up area.

Nearly Impossible: target standing still detecting involuntary movements (i.e. respiration).